James Lye was a prolific fuchsia grower and hybridiser and is attributed to introducing more than 100 new fuchsia cultivars between 1869 and 1901.

The table below lists the currently known fuchsias that are known or are attributed to being introduced by James. If you click on the cultivar name you will then be directed to a page which contains more information about the particular cultivar.

Cultivar NameYear of Introduction
‘Ada Bright’1889
‘Alice (Mary) Pearson’1887
‘Amy Lye’1901
‘Annie Earle’1887
‘Arabella Improved’1871
‘Beauty of Clyffe Hall’1883
‘Beauty of Lavington’1886
‘Beauty of Swanley’1875
‘Beauty of The West’1880
‘Beauty of Trowbridge’1881
‘Beauty of Wilts’1877
‘Benjamin Pearson’1887
‘Blushing Bride’1877
‘C. N. May’1888
‘Cecil Glass’1887
‘Crimson Globe’1879
‘Duchess of Albany’1885
‘Duchess of Fife’1892
‘Duke of Albany’1885
‘Ellen Lye’1882
‘Emily Bright’1886
‘Emily Doel’1882
‘Emily Lye’1878
‘Fair Maid’1889
‘Fairy Queen’1878
‘Gem of Lavington’1888
‘Gem of The West’1877
‘Glory of the Day’1885
‘Harriet Lye’1883
‘Henry Brooke’1885
‘Hon Mrs Hay’1878
‘J. T. Bright’1886
‘James Huntley’1877
‘James Lye’1873
‘James Welch’1886
‘Jane Lye’Unknown
‘Jubilee Queen’1901
‘Lady Doreen Long’1888
‘Letty Lye’1877
‘Louisa Balfour’Unknown
‘Lye’s Advance’1897
‘Lye’s Eclipse’1894
‘Lye’s Elegance’Unknown
‘Lye’s Excelsior’1886
‘Lye’s Fancy’Unknown
‘Lye’s Favourite’1880
‘Lye’s Marvellous’Unknown
‘Lye’s Own’1890
‘Lye’s Perfection’1886
‘Lye’s Rival’1883
‘Lye’s Unique’Unknown
‘Mary Anderson’1890
‘Mary Reid’1892
‘Miss Lye’1877
‘Miss Welch’Unknown
‘Mr F. Bright’1886
‘Mr F. Glass’1886
‘Mr Hooper Taylor’1880
‘Mr J. Huntley’Unknown
‘Mr J. Lye’Unknown
‘Mrs Bright’1883
‘Mrs F. Glass’1886
‘Mrs Grant’Unknown
‘Mrs Hobhouse’1897
‘Mrs Hooper Taylor’1880
‘Mrs Huntley’1877
‘Mrs J. Bright’Unknown
‘Mrs J. Lye1875
‘Mrs King’1883
‘Peasant Girl’1889
‘Pink Perfection’1879
‘Pride of the West’Unknown
‘Royal Standard’1877
‘Star of Wilts’1879
‘Swanley Beauty’Unknown
‘Thomas King’1883
‘W. H. Mould’1897
‘W. R. Mould’Unknown
‘Walter Long’1888
‘Western Beauty’1890
‘White Queen’1901
‘White Souvenir De Chiswick’1875
‘William Iggulden’1894
‘Wiltshire Giant’1892
‘Winifred Glass’1886