Article and illustration of new fuchsias raised by James Lye.  Published in The Floral Magazine, 1879.

Fuchsia, Crimson Globe – The Floral Magazine – 1879

Plate 371

Fuchsia, Crimson Globe

This is a very fine exhibition and decorative variety, raised by Mr. James Lye, Clyffe Hall, Market Lavington, Wilts, and distributed by him last spring. Our illustration is from a spray plucked fram a plant of good size, which displayed to the greatest advantage the handsome leafage and symmetrical growth of the variety, its great freedom of bloom, the elegant outline of the plant, and the fine individual character of the flowers. The tube and sepals are of a deep red, very broad, stout, and finely formed; the corolla, which is of the finest form and very massive, as well as handsomely rounded, is of a plum-purple colour.

Mr. Lye has been turning his attention to raising new varieties of the Fuchsia that should possess all the qualities desirable in exhibition and decorative plants. As exhibition varieties his new forms are particularly worthy of notice, and we can heartily commend them to the attention of our readers.

The above transcription is from ‘The Floral Magazine‘, 1879. Plate 3711.

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