Article and illustration of a new fuchsia raised by James Lye.  Published in The Floral Magazine, 1880.

Fuchsia, Lye’s Favorite – The Floral Magazine – 1880

Plate 396.

Fuchsia, Lye’s Favorite

If perfection may be said to have been attained in the case of the Fuchsia, it is applicable to the variety now figured. Raised by Mr. J. Lye, of Clyffe Hall Gardens, Market Lavington – the foremost exhibitor of Fuchsias in the West of England, and a most successful raiser – it has been warmly welcomed by the cultivators of Fuchsias in that part of the country, and awarded a First-class Certificate of Merit. Flowers of this fine variety were sent during last summer to the leading garden papers, and their quality described in glowing terms.

The habit of growth is all that could be desired in a decorative Fuchsia; in its robust. without inclining to coarseness; it is of a free and symmetrical character, and the finely-formed blossoms are produced with remarkable freedom. The flowers are of fine shape, long, and borne in elegant clusters; tube and sepals waxy-white; the corolla rich deep rose, with a slight Picotee margin of lively pink. It is a variety that, by reason of its great merits, must supersede many of the light varieties now cultivated. The stock of it is in the hands of Mr. Lye, by whom it will, in all probability, be distributed in March or April.

The above transcription is from ‘The Floral Magazine‘, 1880. Plate 3961.

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