Article and illustration of a new fuchsia raised by James Lye.  Published in The Floral Magazine, 1880.

New Fuchsias – The Floral Magazine – 1880

Plate 426.

New Fuchsias

If the signs of improvement in the Fuchsia are less marked than they were twenty years ago, it is because the average standard of excellence is high, and advances are less striking than they were before the quality of the flower was so much improved. But as there is no limit to the progress florists can make, and as there is an infinite variety of form and colour, it is well that florists are still found at work seeking to realize more advanced standards.

The new varieties now figured were raised by Mr. James Lye, of Market Lavington, Wilts, and have received high awards at the leading exhibitions in the West of England. Mrs. Hooper Taylor (fig.1) is a charming light variety, with stout well-formed tube and sepals, and a pleasing pink corolla. Mr. Hooper Taylor (fig. 2) is a dark variety of the finest quality, with rich coral-red tube and sepals, and magenta-purple corolla. Fairy Queen (fig. 3) is a very novel and distinct variety, with white tube and sepals, and magenta-pink corolla. The habit growth in each case is all that could be desired, and we are confident these new varieties will be in demand for exhibition and decorative purposes.

The above transcription is from ‘The Floral Magazine‘, 1880. Plate 4261.

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