The Journal of Horticulture was a retitled version of an earlier periodical, The Cottage Gardener, which began in 1849 and went through various changes and additions to its name before becoming the Journal of Horticulture in 1861. During it’s lifetime as The Journal of Horticulture it underwent seven amendments of its title before ceasing publication during the First World War. Many of the earlier volumes are now available online.

  • Cottage gardener, country gentleman’s companion and poultry chronicle (1849-1861)
  • The Journal of horticulture, cottage gardener and country gentlemen (1861-1878)
  • Journal of horticulture, cottage gardener and home farmer (ceased publicaiton during first world War)

James Lye has appeared in the publication over the years and below are links to the articles which have been identified to date.

  • New Fuchsias – Journal of Horticulture and Cottage Gardener – 1899