No image available for this fuchsia cultivar.

CultivarAlice (Mary) Pearson
StatusBelieve lost to cultivation
Year of Introduction1887
Flower TypeSingle
Tube ColourWaxy-White
Sepal ColourWaxy-White
Corolla ColourCrimson
Foliage ColourNo known description

Boullemier, L., 1991. The checklist of species, hybrids and cultivars of the genus ‘Fuchsia’, incorporating 1976 Addendum 1, 1978 Addendum 2, 1980 Add. 3, 1982 Add. 4, 1987 Add. 5, 1989 Add. 6. London: Blandford.

It is unclear if the true name of this cultivar is ‘Alice Pearson’ or ‘Alice Mary Pearson’. Further research is being undertaken.