Through James’s horticultural career not only was he a regular horticultural exhibitor but he was also a respected horticultural judge.

We are starting to find reports which detail the shows and exhibits which James judged. Although the assumption is that he would be judging Fuchsia, Pelargonium or Potato classes, it appears that his judging skills covered all aspects of the horticultural show.

We would welcome further information, on shows not listed here, where James Lye appears as a judge, or if you have any historical documents which relate to these shows. If you have any information please contact us.

YearMonthShowLocationClassesNotes from SourceSource
1878AugustTrowbridge Horticultural and Floral Society“The judges were: Nurseryman. Mr J. Lye, Market Lavington.”The Bristol Mercury and Daily Post (22 August 1878). Horticultural Fete at Trowbridge. p.3.
1880JulyDevizes Horticultural ShowFruit“The judges were as follows: …. Fruit – Mr Lye, gardener to the Hon. Mrs. Hay, of Market Lavington.”The Bristol Mercury and Daily Post (31 July 1880). Devizes Horticultural Show. p.5.
1894JulyBromham, Chittoe, and Sandridge Horticultural and Cottagers’ Improvement SocietyBattle House“The judges were Mr James Lye (Market Lavington, gardener to the Hon Mrs. Hay)….”The Bristol Mercury and Daily Post (28 July 1894). p.3